Control Measures For Pest And Termite Inspections

pest inspections

Pests like termites are the small creatures which appear invisible or translucent to eyes but their attack can result in loss of infrastructure, precious decoration entities, and loads of money if not controlled. Sometimes the damage caused by termite attack and infestation is unrecoverable while in some instances it is under professional control if within time proper precautionary measure like pest inspections is carried out. While performing termite inspections, the most important question in mid s that how do termites look like, where do they comes from within the housing premises, and what are the signs that the accessories are compromised because of termite species. The best way to address all this queries related to termite infestation is to call in professional pest and termite controllers. These are skilled commercial workers who have experience enough to tell the susceptible sites for termite attacks, the prone position which can be the source of entry for termite species, and the necessary control measures including physical, chemical, and biological modes which are apt for the pest treatments. Thus, in order to get rid of pest and termite problem, inspection is the first step.

Pest inspections

Insect control is an important strategic measure which is employed against the uninvited attack of pests and termites, as commonly seen in houses and other commercial buildings. Pest inspections are done to keep the pest species nuisance under economic threshold levels which is the right way to protect and secure wooden and plant belongings.

Pest inspections carried out by pest controllers initiate with the easiest approach to block the in-wall system to hinder the entry of pests and along with that they spray out pesticide solution, a traditional chemical approach. These pests can be termites, weeds, vertebrate, and invertebrate pests which are the natural enemies of the physical and structural integrity of the building infrastructure.

Termite inspections

Termites are the commonest pest species which is observed in huge quantities in houses and other buildings. Therefore, termite inspections prior and after the termite attack is necessary to ensure protection. There are all-natural modes to repel termites is the spray of boric acid, orange oil, cardboard traps and baits, and diatomaceous earth. All these measures are quite efficient against termites when they are at dormant stage but no so useful to implement for active termite problems.

Termite inspections are effectively carried out by the use of instrument called as termite trapper that assesses the quality and structural efficacy of wood and plant accessories. The compromised, hollow, and buckled shape of these belongings predicts the severity of termite presence. This eventually leads to the selection and action of physical, chemical, biological, and cultural control remedies for termite species.


Pest inspections are important to introduce in buildings which are vulnerable to pest attack in the near future. The most common are the termite inspections which are mediated by different physical, chemical, and biological methods to inhibit the multiplication and migration of termite species.

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